“…thrilling… a smashing deep woods spectacle…” (SciFi Film Festival Sydney, Australia)

“A rare science fiction jewel.” (Morbido Filmfest, Mexico)

The war between mankind and machines has begun. And we are about to lose it.

The deserter Tomasz doesn’t want to be a hero any more. With a stolen vehicle he escapes from the battle into the vast emptiness of the skandinavian forests. Always running, always hiding he hopes to survive as long as possible. But then he meets Lilja, a russian resistance fighter who hasn’t given up and follows a desperate and suicidal plan to fight the superior machines.

With every minute that passes the machines get closer, searching for the last remains of the human race. And the enemy doesn’t just shoot on sight – their perfect sensors are programmed to recognize human voice patterns.

So if you speak or even whisper – you die.

Nocturnus Film presents this multiple award-winning scifi thriller by Daniel Raboldt. A rare independent production, funded by a successful kickstarter campaign, that celebrated its theatrical release in the US on October 8th 2021.

For enquiries concerning licensing or distribution please contact Hewes Pictures LLC, New York.

More info at www.nocturnus-film.de (German website)

Poster of "A Living Dog"

Stefan Ebel
Siri Nase
Michelle Wiesemes
Nikolai Will

Written & directed by
Daniel Raboldt

Produced by
Axel Ricke
Thorsten Franzen
Daniel Raboldt

Cinematography by
Thorsten Franzen

Music by
Nora Ebel

Sound by
Sebastian Tarcan

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